Sarmis Capital is a leading private equity manager Focused on Romania and neighbouring countries, supporting Entrepreneurs and their businesses to prosper and grow. 


SARMIS Capital is an independent private equity fund manager established in 2019, focused on Romania and neighbouring countries. Our investors are some of the most reputable financial institutions around the world.

The senior team has been actively investing in the region since 2007, having deployed in Romania alone €230m across 20 deals and raised €250m from local banks for its portfolio companies.

Investment Strategy

SARMIS aims to invest €10m+ per deal in majority equity stakes, alongside owners / managers of entrepreneurial companies with high growth potential and good convergence play to Western European standards.

In time, we have become the partner of choice for local entrepreneurs, having the ability to source proprietary, non-auction deals. In turn, this provides us with best access to finance, legal / tax and advisory providers.

Value Creation

The region offers substantial value creation opportunities, due to the significant catch-up potential relative to global and European PE fundraising and deal penetration levels, in the context of sizeable markets with strong growth.

SARMIS adopts a hands-on, frugal operational strategy, coupled with proven turnaround and consolidation capabilities.

We work closely and collaborate with the founders and management teams of companies, contributing our own extensive expertise gathered from previous businesses we invested in.

Responsible Investing

SARMIS has a strong focus on and track record in best-practice operational, health & safety and ESG policies, and is supported by an extensive network of leading C-level business advisors.

The senior team has deep investing experience across the capital structure and asset classes, leading to improved risk management due to its ability to consider multiple points of view and stakeholders.


Years of collective deal-related experience


Years total on-the-ground presence


Available investable capital 


Invested in romania across 20 deals

the founding team

The SARMIS senior team has been working together for years, building a proven track record and an unblemished reputation. We have accumulated international relevant expertise at blue-chip names, and are applying global best-practices and an institutional mindset locally.

We are very proud to have assembled a top-notch team, across functions, made up of well-rounded professionals that always strive to achieve the best for our partners, the entrepreneurs.