We Partner with and support mid-market entrepreneurial companies to prosper and grow. 

Value Creation

We are strong believers in retaining the founders and the management teams that know the business best, incentivising and collaborating with them to deliver substantial growth and outsized returns for all stakeholders. We apply an active, frugal ownership style and an institutional mindset to enhance the operational and financial performance of the companies we invest in. In addition to the proprietary sourcing capabilities and price discipline for the longer term gain, SARMIS creates value through detailed investment analysis, hands-on monitoring and consolidation play. During the underwriting process, we diligence industry, company and transaction specific characteristics, and assess in detail the portfolio fit.

During our typical holding period of 3-5 years, through our expertise, Board participation and strategy implementation, we help companies reinforce their leading market positions (either organically and/or through buy-and-build consolidation), enhance their brand recognition and improve profitability. 

We take pride in applying global standards locally, through best-in-class governance. We have an extensive network of seasoned investors, top business executives, local entrepreneurs, PE professionals and advisors, public figures, which we can tap for management roles and advice.

In addition, we are very close to independent leading Romanian and international C-level experts, that can add valuable know-how, contribute to transparent governance and opine on operational and ESG matters.