We invest in majority equity stakes alongside owners & managers of private companies active in Romania and neighbouring countries. 

The target region is on a stable path towards strong long-term growth, supported by a benign macro-economic environment. Furthermore, it is well-poised to profit from disruption in, and realignment of, global supply chains following covid-19.

Sources: Invest Europe, IMF (data available as of Jul-23)


Population: 18.8m
Real GDP growth: 2.4% (2022); 5.9% (2021)
PE investments: 0.02% of GDP


Population: 2.5m
Real GDP growth: 2.0% (2022); 13.9% (2021)
PE investments: N/A


Population: 6.8m
Real GDP growth: 1.4% (2022); 4.2% (2021)
PE investments: 0.06% of GDP


Population: 6.8m
Real GDP growth: 2.0% (2022); 7.4% (2021)
PE investments: 0.08% of GDP


Population: 3.8m
Real GDP growth: 1.7% (2022); 10.4% (2021)
PE investments: 0.68% of GDP


Population: 9.7m
Real GDP growth: 0.5% (2022); 7.1% (2021)
PE investments: 0.15% of GDP

Current Portfolio

Founded in 2011, BMF is the largest integrated facilities management company in Romania, offering a full range of solutions encompassing multi-technical maintenance, cleaning, security and surveillance, concierge, prevention and firefighting, disinfection, snow removal, construction services and landscaping. BMF Grup focuses on increasing the value and improving the properties it services, its portfolio including more than 12 million square meters of a diverse range of properties, such as shopping centres, office buildings, logistics centres and residential parks.

Founded in 2010, Smart ID is a market-leading Romanian automation company, providing highly customized end-to-end automation solutions for intensive business environments, primarily to customers in industries such as retail, logistics and manufacturing, with the purpose of optimising costs and increasing productivity. Smart ID has an impressive portfolio of blue-chip multinational companies, large Romanian companies, as well as numerous reputable SMEs. It boasts a proven track record of delivering mission-critical, proprietary, tailored solutions across the value chain, from solution design & development to implementation and post-implementation maintenance & support.

Founded in 1998, COS is the market leader and first fully-integrated design and build specialist (including linked services) in Romania, with a proven track record of successful delivery of large-scale projects for blue-chip clients. COS is a top specialist in workplace consultancy and design, project management, supply and installation of furniture, floorings, light fixtures and interior partitions, as well as turnkey interiors construction fit-out covering all architectural and mechanical & electrical parts, increasingly expanding to other sectors such as private healthcare, private education and hospitality.

SARMIS Capital’s first fund is backed by some of the most prestigious counter-parties around the world, including endowments, development financial institutions and high net worth individuals. It is supported, among others, by the JEREMIE Holding Fund Romania, an investment programme between EIF and the Government of Romania, whereby EIF acts on behalf and in the ultimate benefit of the Government of Romania and invests reflows generated by operations implemented under JEREMIE Holding Fund Romania during the eligibility period 2007-2013. Furthermore, it benefits from the financial backing of the European Union under the Equity Facility for Growth established under Regulation (EU) No 1287/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council establishing a Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and small and medium enterprises (COSME) (2014-2020).